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Alex is my main fursona of nearly 10 years(!). She is an intersex/female-identifying cat/demon. When I need to represent or insert myself into something, Alex is the one I use! I wouldn’t say she is exactly “me,” but it’s as close as you’re gonna get.


Alex is a pretty reserved and quiet person to strangers, coming off as somewhat cold, ritualistic, and serious, though still helpful and nice. When one gets familiar with her, they will find she is much more silly, caring, intelligent, and lax than she originally seemed. Alex just wants everyone around her to be happy. She sometimes struggles with coping with feelings of adequacy and jealousy, but she is trying to get better about supporting herself and others.

Those who have only interacted with her in certain settings may get the false impression that she is generally calm or laid-back. She in is, in fact, a lot more crazy, neurotic, and passionate than she leads on. She has mild anxiety, which she tends to not like to share about. Alex has a pretty low social battery, and is very introverted. Alex becomes quite cranky if she doesn’t get her daily solitude.

Alex loves drawing, computers, animated television, and all things sci-fi. She is also a huge nerd about biology, chemistry, astronomy, and romance languages. She seeks artistic and coding challenges to keep her mind sharp, though she also enjoys doing brain-rotting things like drawing shitposts and rewatching her favorite childhood shows. Occasionally, she plays video games.


Alex's main form is almost purely felid, aside from demonic horns and small wings, which she can choose to present. Her hair is a dark black-grey with a jelly-like feel about it, despite it being just hair. The rest of her body is covered in a soft, but short fur. Her markings are symmetrical. She lacks paw pads on her hands and hardly has nails at all, if any. Her ears rest at a downward angle. Both her scleroses and irises are purple.

She stands at about 5’9”-5’10”. She stands with plantigrade feet. She weighs about 180 lbs. Despite her size, she is not strong or athletic, but is an enduring walker. Alex’s flesh and blood can be red or purple. Though a shapeshifter, she hardly changes form, including her sex characteristics. She is intersex, but can change her presentation of characteristics at will. Her “normal form” is considered her base form. Any alternate for she may take will strongly resemble her base form.

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